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 "All is within yourself. Know your most inward self and look for what corresponds with it in nature."

About Us

My Yoga Journey


It has been six years since I resigned from my position as an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, Georgia to begin my Yogic journey and form the Naga Yoga Legacy. After returning from my training with Master Teacher Yirser Ra Hotep the summer of 2012, I made the decision to transform my home into the Healing Earth Temple and my life was never the same again! I spent two years in Seva at my Healing Earth Temple in Atlanta, Georgia, where I served my community in every capacity. I hosted Yoga teacher trainings, women's healing retreats, community wellness events and gave free Yoga workshops every week. It was like a non-stop train of amazing experiences & lessons that has shaped my life in so many positive and uplifting ways! During those two years, the experiences with the souls that I encountered would show me so much about who I am and where I need to grow. It was an amazing time that I wouldn't change for the world! Since then, I have had an amazing time expanding my network across four continents and over ten countries around the world! It has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities that life has to offer when I fully step into my life purpose without fear! 

I trust that you all will find THE KEMETIC YOGI ZONE to be a place that will assist you in finding your path to wellness. It is also a place where you can begin, continue and also advance your wellness journey. It is my belief that our own life is our most important wellness journey. For that reason, I have committed this space to providing exciting, interactive and meaningful wellness experiences that you all can incorporate in your own journey of transformation. It is my desire to share with you all that has been shared with me, divine love and guidance. Along with my wonderful team of beautiful souls, I have created a plethora of wellness services & activities, retreat & workshops, in addition to a socially responsible Naga Shop for you to heal, restore and manifest your true divinity. Enjoy your stay in the Kemetic Yogi Zone. Namashe

Kemetic Yogi


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Back To Nature Movement


"The Back To Nature Movement is about taking this ancient healing technology that we call Yoga and practicing it in the highest frequency element available: NATURE. We use the frequencies of the sun to heal and illuminate our energy bodies. The bare earth beneath our feet connects us to the core energy of the earth, grounding us in our purpose and true essence. There is no higher spiritual practice than coming to nature as you were delivered from your mother’s womb. We are connecting back to the source which is the Great Mother of us ALL and we are doing it as a community, a village, a tribe."

Roots, Culture & Spirituality Movement


The Roots, Culture & Spirituality Movement is geared towards connecting Diasporan Africans back to Africa spiritually, culturally and economically, however it is not just limited to Diasporan Africans. The Roots & Culture Yoga Retreats are open to all who desire personal healing, while also contributing to rebuilding Africa by providing jobs & creating valuable connections. Worldwide, there are nearly 170 million Africans in the Diaspora. Of that number, some 40 million reside in North America and almost 4 million in Europe. Diasporans can help open markets for new tourist destinations throughout Africa.

The Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat

Check out this great promo video for a better glimpse into the  Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreats !!

The Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat:Brazil (Nov 8th-14th 2019)

What This Retreat Is About & What Can Participants Expect?


The Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat of 2019 will be held in the Itacare municipality in the state of Bahia, Brazil from November 8th-14th 2019!! The large north eastern state of Bahia displays a strong African influence and holds an abundance of natural attractions. There are only 10 spaces open for this retreat! 

The Back To Nature: Nude Rainforest Yoga Retreat (November 8th-14th 2019) is going to be an opportunity for me to share a beautiful nature based healing experience with you all in the middle of the Serra do Conduru State Park, located in the Itacare municipality in the state of Bahia. The Serra do Conduru State Park is in the Atlantic Forest biome and consists of dense rainforest, rivers, & waterfalls. On this nature based five day and four night journey, expect to connect with your wild and free side!! Participants will experience everything from nude sunrise/sunset Yoga & meditation, to nude swimming in the river, nude beaches, nude mud baths, nude bonfire rituals, nature bonding and more!

Retreat Includes:


· Lodging

· Transportation In Brazil

· Nude sunrise/sunset Yoga (benefits of yoga) & Meditation in the Rainforest w/ Kemetic Yogi

· Nude River Swimming

· Nude Beaches

· Nude Mud Baths

· Nude Rainforest Hikes

· Nude Bon Fire Rituals

· Delicious Vegan Meals, Juices, Smoothies & Coconut Water, Body Art, Wellness Activities & More!!

Payment Details:


Deposit Deadline: $299 Due Feb 28th (Make Deposit Payment)

Second Payment: $239 Due May 30th

Final Payment: $239 Due September 30th

Total Cost Of The Retreat Is Only: $777

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (However, if for any reason one can not make the retreat, an exchange can be made for a retreat of equal or lesser value at a future date).

Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat: Ghana

The Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat is for socially conscious travelers looking for a culturally satisfying 12 day experience that focuses on holistic wellness, gaining a deeper knowledge of local African culture and being of service to the local community. The retreat involves 2-3 days of volunteering in the communities to which we travel. The retreat provides jobs for over 20 local people, in addition to over 10 businesses.

The Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat: Ghana (Aug 28-Sept 9 2019)



The Roots & Culture Yoga Retreat is for socially conscious travelers looking for a culturally satisfying 12 day experience that focuses on holistic wellness, gaining a deeper knowledge of local African culture and being of service to the local community. The retreat involve 2-3 days of volunteering in the communities to which we travel. The retreat provides jobs for over 20 local people, in addition to over 10 businesses ranging from transportation, cultural artists, hospitality and service workers from Accra, Cape Coast, all the way to Cape Three Points on the southern most tip of Ghana.

Participants can expect to have a true African Yoga experience infused with some of the richest aspects of Ghanaian culture ranging from Cultural Festivals, Traditional dance, African drumming, Batik art (a traditional African art form that dates back centuries), as well as having access to natural hair care, traditional clothing made by local tailors and so much more! 

Most importantly, the Roots & Culture Retreat was created with the intention to make this transformational international travel experience affordable and accessible for individuals & families. For that reason, all children that are 12 years old and under (accompanied by a paying adult) will attend for free!!! 



Each guest will be given a journal upon arrival and is given a writing prompt or meditation prompt at breakfast. Each guest must bring their own yoga mat.

7:00 - 8:30 - Breakfast will consist of tea, juice, eggs and all of the fresh fruit you can eat

8:45 - 10:00 - Morning yoga and meditation (however the teacher wants to guide the lesson)

10:00 - 11:30 - Dance, Drumming or Batik Workshop

11:30 - 12:30 - Lunch

1:00 - 4:00 - Daily activity or excursion.


Day 1 - Arrival in Accra - Unpack & Settle in - Journal distribution - Group Dinner & Orientation/Introductions

Day 2 - Morning Yoga - Travel to Cape Coast – Guest House Orientation/Evening Meditation

Day 3 - Morning Yoga - Activity: Oguaa Fetu Afahye Festival

Day 4 - Morning Yoga - Excursion: Cape Coast Castle/Activity: Oguaa Fetu Afahye Festival

Day 5 - Morning Yoga & Meditation - El Mina Castle/Travel To Cape Three Points

Day 6 Morning Yoga & Meditation - Excursion: Hike to Light House/Batiking/African Dance/Drumming

Day 7 - Morning Yoga & Meditation -  Activity: Batiking/African Dance/Drumming

Day 8 - Morning Yoga -  Activity: Batiking/African Dance/Drumming

Day 9 - Morning Yoga -  Batiking/African Dance/Drumming/Bon Fire Party on the Beach

Day 10 - Morning Yoga - Travel to Accra – Group Dinner In Accra

Day 11 - Morning Yoga - Free Day/Explore Accra/Shopping

Day 12 - Morning Yoga & Meditation - Exit Day

Sign Up: Online Yoga Session w/ Kemetic Yogi

Retreat Includes


  • Accommodations
  • Transportation Throughout Ghana
  • Vegetarian Breakfast & Lunch
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation On The Beach
  • Participation in the Oguaa Fetu Afahye festival
  • African Drumming Workshops
  • Traditional Ghanaian Dance Workshops
  • Twi Language Lessons
  • Excursions To El Mina, Cape Coast Castle & Rainforest Hike

Payments Details


Deposit Due: IMMEDIATELY: $404 (Make Deposit Payment)

2nd Payment Due: APRIL 28th 2019: $404

Final Payment Due: JULY 28th2019: $404

Total: $1212​

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (However, if for any reason one can not make the retreat, an exchange can be made for a retreat of equal or lesser value at a future date​)

Make Deposit

Heru Winter Solstice Retreat: Kemet/Egypt (Dec 11-22 2019)



12 Day, 2 City Retreat In Egypt


Do you need a moment to refresh and connect with your deeper, spiritual self? Have you felt drawn to a higher calling, deeper understanding of the world around us and are curious about ancient mysteries or sacred African traditions? Well that is exactly what you are going to meet on the Heru Winter Solstice Retreat! I am so honored to have been invited to join the Heru Winter Solstice Retreat as a guest host by my Bro. Tony Khepera Heru & Sistar Sarah Wesley of the  Return To Kemet Tribe. Return to Kemet is a tribe for those on their healing journey ready to reawaken and step into their divinity. Through wellness, yoga, spiritual experiential journeys focused on African spirituality and ancient wisdom, it is their goal to provide tools and knowledge for the purpose of awakening. By unlocking the potential within our mental, emotional and spiritual lives, we fully show up for ourselves and confidently stand in our power - to renew, remember and reawaken who we are. During the Heru Winter Solstice Retreat, we will be exploring the sacred land of Kemet while unlocking perceived barriers, breaking through the limitations we place on ourselves and discovering more about our true nature. 

Winter Solstice is a time of renewal and rebirth and on the 21st of December, Karnak Temple in Luxor aligns with the sun and illuminates the temple - one of the most important events of the Egyptian calendar. This journey is organized around the earth, moon and the cosmos for an opportunity to surrender, reconnect and release in the ancient African land of Kemet including:

  • Daily Kemetic Yoga
  • Organic Vegan Meals
  • Temple Visits
  • Kemetic Meditations in Sacred Sites
  • Vegan-Living Foods Workshop
  • Shamanic Ceremonies with sacred tobacco
  • Detox & Spiritual Personality Typing Workshop
  • Experience the Historic Solar Alignment at Karnak Temple
  • & more…
  • This is a decision to invest in YOU.

The journey awaits. 

View Full Itinerary



  • 12 night and 13 day accommodations
  • Airport transfers from Cairo International  to Ardi;  from Luxor hotel to Luxor International
  • 3 delicious organic vegan meals per day
  • Daily Kemetic yoga 
  • Ancient meditations
  • Great pyramid of Giza Day trip and entry
  • Entry into the pyramid complex and all temples
  • Sphinx visit and entry
  • In-country transportation, from Cairo to Luxor
  • Temple of Abydos visit and entry
  • Hatshepsut Temple entry
  • Habu Temple entry
  • Luxor Temple entry
  • Dendera Temple entry
  • Cairo Museum entry
  • Valley of the Kings entry
  • Full moon ceremony in the Sahara desert
  • Visit with Sufi Healers
  • A special goodie bag!



  • Round trip flight to and From Egypt. (Airfordable is a great resource for installment purchases)
  • Visas for Entry into Egypt *$25 USD (bring cash)
  • Gratuities & souvenirs
  • Personal items
  • Medical costs: the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas. Travel insurance is highly recommended
  • Additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control.

Heru Winter Solstice Retreat





The first half of your retreat will take place at Ardi Sanctuary. Tucked within an expanse of palm tree groves and fields in Dashur lies a secluded and quiet haven aptly named Ardi. An environmentally friendly venture, each feature of Ardi is chosen to be sustainable in terms of the architecture, running costs, and the food prepared on premises. Not a single palm tree was removed to accommodate building the structure, all the plants are chosen based on their minimal need of water, including the lack of grass, and all the food is prepared on-site using traditional methods, made with organic and seasonal produce.




Tucked away between the banana fields and sugar cane, Embrace hotel is a beautiful new retreat space with towering views of Luxor.  Embrace is located on the tranquil and calming side of the Nile - the West Bank. The statues of Memnon are just a short walk away. The name is indicative of the feeling the hotel promotes of a warm and welcoming embrace leaving you rested and revived.


Heru Winter Solstice Retreat: Rates & Registration

Shared Room


From $2850.00 / Per person

$500 deposit

Payment plans available*

Early Bird: $2850 (signup before July 15th)

Regular Registration: $3050

Register Today

Standard Private Room


FROM $3125.00 / Per Person

$500 deposit

Payment plans available*

Early Bird: $3125 (signup before July 15th)

Regular Registration: $333

Register Today

Superior Private Room


FROM $3300.00 / Per Person

$500 deposit

Payment plans available*

Early Bird: $3300 (signup before July 15th)

Regular Registration: $3500

Register Today

Private Online Yoga Session

Why Online Yoga Sessions?

Ready to try yoga but you feel intimidated by the class setting or maybe you aren't quite as comfortable with your body to practice in a group setting? If you are recovering from an injury, have a hard time getting up and down off the floor, have a large body, or just want to try yoga in a low-pressure, judgment-free environment – My body positive online yoga session was created just for you!

How Does It Work?

Once I receive your inquiry, I’ll send you a questionnaire which will help me get an idea of where you are and what you’re looking for. I’ll be able to know if you’re a brand new beginner, if you’re just looking for modifications that work for your body, what sorts of limitations you may have, mobility issues, chronic pain, and other information that’s helpful to me. I’ll also be able to tell right away if an Online Yoga Session is right for you. What you will need: a strong internet connection, a camera, a microphone and speakers for your computer & private space where you can be free of distractions.


$65 for the first session (90 minutes)
$60 per hour for followup sessions

or our Promotional Package


$200 for a package of 4 sessions

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The Healing Earth Temple: Ghana (AirBNB)


What Is The Healing Earth Temple?

The Healing Earth Temple is an eco  friendly Afrikan Yoga Sanctuary in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana (Bordering the Eastern Region). Hostel style living allows our guests to interact with adventurous travelers from around the world. The Healing Earth Temple is everything that you need if you are looking for a clean, warm, nurturing, creative and eco-friendly living space while you are enjoying your stay in Ghana. This modern yet eco-friendly living space is on a 1 1/2 acre plot and has a series of vegetable gardens and even a plantain farm!

The Space

The Temple is on 1.5 acres of lush green, manicured paths and food gardens. On the land, we have a series of mini gardens which boast tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, onion, maize, bell pepper and over fifty plantain trees. There is also a fire pit for evening drumming sessions and relaxing under the stars. At the back of the Temple, there is a stream that has its origins in the mountains of the Eastern Region. The foothills of those mountains can be seen rolling in the distance. Breakfast is provided for guests each day at no additional charge. The Temple can sleep a total of eleven guests and has two dormitories. 

What We Offer

The Temple has an onsite Yoga instructor & Twi language instructor. At an additional cost, our guests can enjoy onsite yoga classes, in addition to African dance, drumming, kora and Twi language lessons. We also provide tour guide services so that our guests can navigate safely and easily through the country. Guests are always welcome to volunteer with helping to cultivate the vegetable gardens around the Temple.  

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